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Track design

2004 Railway line 6302, Wol­krams­hau­sen - Er­furt

Reorganization for speed in­crease of the sta­tion Greu­ssen due to the renewal of a bridge (de­mo­li­ti­on of the 3 track steel bridge and in­stallation of a single track concrete bridge during operation).

Track design planning for app. 2.5 km, (track construction plan, Performance phases Lph. 3 to 4, according to the German Honorarordnung für Architekten und Ingenieure, HOAI).

2003 Railway line 4900, Osterburken - Bad Friedrichshall - Jagstfeld

Double-railed development (app. 5 km) within the range between Züttlingen and Möckmühl with adjustment of both stations; Scheme planning; Performance phases 1 and 2.

Vehicle cleaning installation

2004 Station Plochingen

Object planning of civil engineer structures and transport installations; Performance phases 1 to 7; Redesign of the track layout in a station area for the establishment of new drive through vehicle cleaning equipment.

2003 Station Ludwigshafen

Track and road layout for a new internal cleaning plant for course vehicles, draft and execution planning, upper construction supervision; Performance phases 3 to 9

Buffer stops

Track laying

1992 Channel Tunnel

Track laying in both tunnels at the Channel Tunnel (slab track, app. 18 km)


Level crossings

2003 Railway line 4250 Offenburg - Singen

Negotiaton with many parties due to the permission to build 13 level crossings at the line section Gutach - Hornberg.

2002 Railway line 4114 Meckesheim - Bad Friedrichshall - Jagstfeld and railway line 4115 Steinsfeld - Eppingen

Redesign of 11 level crossings due to the installation of an electronical signal box ESTW; Draft and execution planning; Performance phases 1 to 4;

Federal highways and country roads, parking lots, roundabouts

Municipal Langensteinbach, feasibility study for the change of a main crossing into a roundabout


Legally-binding land-use plan

Municipal Waldangelloch, with a area covered by the binding land-use plan by 10 ha

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