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für das 21. Jahrhundert

Cordially welcomes on the specialized planner web pages for the traffic route construction!

Berlin projects..

..need much time and care. Extension from 2 to 4 tracks of an existing railway line, documents for invitation to tender and so on.. And up to the 21st there will be a bit more to read here. Of course an updated list of references is obtainable in advance. Up to the relaunch remains Yours sincerely, the Engineering Office - the office for the challenging tasks.

Happy new year!

We wish all our customers, partners and your families a happy new year 2015!


These pages are undergoing a rework and will be available again soon. There will be pictures too...

Your project is running out of time? More people won't help? Buy more time for your project! How can this work? Be surprised.. ..or contact us immediately! (due to limitations of the space–time continuum this service is available in Europe only)

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